August              Agosto                 Augusti
            Average temp                     Rain/Snow (mm)              Light hours per day                        Sunrise/sunset
  28°                                     71,2                                       14.5  hours                                 5.18/19.10
Ferragosto: the 15th August, is the feast of  the Assumption, is a National Holiday in Italy. Cities  become ghost towns, as families and groups of friends flock to the coast, the mountains and lakes, and many factories and stores are closed.  
Weather: August is  very hot and humid and  the 15th of this month , called ”Ferragosto ”,is usually considered the ottest day.
Month Sign of earth dominated by Virgo (24/08 to 23/09). The tuberose, symbol of pleasure, is its  flower. In the gardens the strawberry-beds are renewed, we have to graft celery, leeks, cabbages, pears, apples, plums and some varieties of  grape ripen. The garden smells of tuberose, jasmine and roses. The phenomenon of falling stars catches up the apex around 10th, the night of St. Lawrence. It’s a month very hot, some days are suffocating, but it is also the month of unexpected storms, winds and rains that preannounce autumn.
August’s sun makes a  good must
Rain in august, honey and must.
Holiday          Vacanza          Semester
Flowers          Fiori                Blommor
Hot                 Caldo              Het
Storm             Temporale      Oväder
1- S. Alfonso M. De’ L.
2- S. Eusebio di V.
3- S. Lidia
4- S. Giovanni M. V.
5- Ded. Bas. S. Maria Maggiore
6- Trasfig, del Signore
7- S. Sisto II
8- S. Domenico
9- S. Teresa Benedetta della C.
10- S. Lorenzo
11- S. Chiara
12- S Ercolano
13- SS. Ponziano e Ippolito
14- S. Massiiliano M. K.
15- Assunzione B. V. M. - Ferragosto
16- S. Stefano d’U.
17- S, Chiara della C.
18- S. Elena I.
19- S. Giovanni E.
20- S. Bernardo
21- S. Pio X
22- B. V. Maria Regina
23- S. Rosa da L.
24- S. Bartolomeo
25-  S. Ludovico Re
26- S. Zefirino
27- S. Monica
28- S. Agostino
29- Mart. di S. Giovanni Batt.
30- S. Felice
31- S. Raimondo N.