Easter   In Italy, Easter still retains its religious significance. Friday is an important day because  It reminds   Christ’s Passion and there are many popular representations in order to remember this event. Holy Week usually ends with   Pope ‘celebration in Vatican, and on Easter Sunday families have a special lunch and exchange Easter eggs. In many regions Easter Monday, a national  holiday, is called Pasquetta. It is traditionally celebrated with a picnic in the country or by the sea.
Weather  In April it’s hot but not so much; sometimes it’s rainy.
April:  Sign of earth, dominated by Taurus (21/04  20 /05).  Associated  to Venus, it is the month in which the vegetation grows into the ground and the buds open;  it is the springlike period of the reproduction, the time of  strawberries , and the month of  the cherry tree.
 The month’s flower  is the daisy  that symbolizes whiteness, innocence, but also "I will think about you";  according to a medieval tradition, in fact, the woman  who was going to marry a knight, used to wear  a daisy crown in order to reflect on it.
Se l’olivo fiorirà ad Aprile, ognuno riempirà il barile.
La brina d’aprile non riempie il fienile.
Easter                 Pasqua              Pasq
EasterEggs          Uova Pasquali     Agg
1- S. Celso Domenica delle Palme
2- S.Francesco
3- S. Riccardo
4- B. Francesco
5- Giovedi Santo
6-Venerdì Santo
7- Sabato Santo
8- Pasqua della Risurrezione
9-Lunedi dell'Angelo
10- S. Terenzio
11- Stanislao
12- S. Giulio
13- S.Marzio
14- S.Liduina
15- Domenica in Albis
16- S.Bernardette
17- S.Aniceto Papa
18- S. Galdino
19- S. Fortunata
20- S. Aniceto
21- S. Anselmo
22- S. Leonida II Domenica di Pasqua
23- S. Giorgio
24- S. Fedele
25- S. Marco
26- S. Pascasio
27- S. Zita
28- S. Gianna – Luigi
29- S Caterina III Domenica di Pasqua
30- S. Pio V
April                    Aprile                    April
Average temp	            Rain/Snow (mm)	                            Light hours	per day        	Sunrise/sunset
        21,4 °C	                      64,00                                              14 hours                               5.33/18.48