The Italian custom of taking a stroll with friends or family has survived to many changes in fashion and still brings together different generations. Couples, families and teenagers alike meet  on Sunday morning or in late afternoon and stroll slowly round the main square or the park, or along the main street or the promenade. They may stop to say hello to friends and acquaintances, to have an aperitif or to buy cakes and pastries for dessert.
Hobbies In summer we like  swimming in the sea,  going out by  bikes and  visiting the artistic Italian cities.
Weather In July it’s very hot and sunny
  July comes from Cesar’s name, given to him by the Senate on proposal of Mark Antonio.
Sign of Fire, dominated by the Leo ( 23/07 to 24/08); the jasmine, symbol of rising affection and of tenderness, is its flower. In this month the first fruits are collected, the gardens are in flower:  jasmine, hydrangea. This is the moment to seed turnips, to transplant cabbages, to trim tomatoes, to cut from the watermelon plants numerous fruits, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, to fertilize the vineyard.
It is time of holidays, of sea, of sun and travels.
Popular wisdom:  
A Luglio il temporale non dura  a lungo ne fa male.
Se a luglio c’è un temporale l’uva non riempirà il paniere.
Sea                    mare                    hav
Swimming         nuotare               simma
Andar in bici      going by bike    cykla
1- S. Aronne
2- S. Damiano m. Patr. Fara
3- S. Tommaso Ap.
4- S. Elisabetta del P.
5- S. Antonio M. Z
6- S. Maria G.
7- S.Claudio
8- SS. Aquila e Priscilla
9- S. Veronica G.
10-  SS. Rufina e Seconda
11- S. Benedetto
12- S. Giovanni G.
13- S. Enrico
14- S. Camillo di L.
15- S. Bonaventura
16- S. B. M. del Carmelo
17- S. Alessio
18- S. Arnolfo
19- S. Macrina
20- S. Elia
21- S. Lorenzo da B.
22- S. Maria Maddalena
23- S. Brigida
24- S. Cristina di B.
25- S. Giacomo Ap.
26- SS. Anna e Gioacchino
27- B. Raimondo P.
28- SS.  Nazareno e Celso
29- S. Marta
30- S. Pietro C.
31- S. Ignazio di Loyola
                July        Luglio           Juli
                                    Average temp            Rain/Snow (mm)                               Light hours per day                 Sunrise/sunset
                                              28°C                                     34,2                                       15 hours                   4.48/ 19.42