Detti del mese
Maggio regala gelsomini e rose. Allieta i bimbi e le future spose.
Maggio tutto vento, più paglia che frumento
La pioggia di San Bernardino, ruba pane, olio e vino.
Pioggia di maggio, parola di saggio.
Frog              Rana                     Groda
Duck              Anatra                  Anka
Roses             Rose                      Rosen                    
Typical wines and foods
Rice: The cultivation of rice is the strongest agricultural tradition in the territory of  Novara.
For more than five centuries the phases of rice cultivation have influenced the lifestyle of the local population along the year. Today  technology has reduced the number of rice farmers, the extension of the paddy-fields still characterise the plains of the region. 
Each phase of rice cultivation,  from the preparation of the soil to the harvest, passing through sowing and flooding-creates different atmospheres, suggests a wide variety of  emotions.
Paniscia: It’s a typical and elaborate “risotto” , prepared with vegetables, lard, salami, and wine;
Cassola: a savoury dish prepared with cabbage, pork and goose;
Rustida : Small pieces of pork mixed with heart, lung, and sausage, all braised with onion and tomato sauce;
Fried frogs: marinated lightly coated in flour and fried in oil. In “guazzetto” (stewed): frogs are marinated, lightly coated in flour and cooked in butter with garlic, diced tomato and parsley. They are usually served with polenta. Stuffed : marinated and filed with a mixture of salami, grated cheese, eggs and pepper. Cooked  in butter. 
“Duck alla novarese” : Roasted duck filled with mixed meats, herbs and spices rice and eggs .
Tapulon :  The name derives  from “tapulè” (cut with a knife). The original recipe includes ass, but it can be prepared with beef. The meat, finely chopped, is roasted in oil and butter, with a mixture of garlic, rosemary and bay leaves, and then cooked with the addition of wine; the dish is served with polenta.
1-S.Giuseppe L.
3-Ss.Filippo e Giacomo
5-S.Irene di L.
6-S.Domenico S.-IV Dom.di Pasqua
7-SS.Flavio e Augusto
8-Madonna Di Pompei
11-S.Ingnazio da L.
12-SS.Nereo e Achilleo
13-Madonna di Fatima – V dom. di Pasqua
16-S.Gemma G.
17-S.Pasquale B.
18-S.Giovanni I
19-S. Ivo 
20-S. Bernardino da S.
21-S. Vittorio – VI Dom. di Pasqua
22-S.Rita da C.
24-B.V.Maria Ausiliatrice 
25-S.Gregorio VII 
26-S.Filippo N.
27-S. Agostino da C.
29-S.Massimo di V.
30-S.Giovanna d’A.
31-Visitaz B.V.Maria
May           Maggio              Maj
                            Average temp                Rain/Snow (mm)                    Light hours per day                    Sunrise/sunset
                                    20° C                                     19,8                                            15.30 hours                          4.50/19.20