08 March: woman’s day
Flowers, love and kindness in this day and in the every day of the year!!!  
19 march:Daddy’s Feast                                            
It’s father’s day, give a him a kiss!!!!!!
Weather Words
  Svenska         English           Italiano  
  Kvinna          Woman            Donna
  Vår                Spring             Primavera
  Mars              March             Marzo
Weather  In March it isn’t very cold and it’s sunny but windy
Month of Mars, dominated by Aries, sign of  air (21/03 to 20/04).
The month is related to the peach tree. The first part of March is under the sign of the Pisces. It is the right time in order to continue to graft   onions, pumpkins, tomatoes, to plant bulbs of dahlias, sword-lilies, lilies of the valley, begonias, to continue to prune the roses, to pull up the first weeds from gardens and vineyards.
Popular  Wisdom:  
In Marzo taglia la vite e il rovo se non vuoi il barile vuoto.
Marzo pazzerello, esce il sole ma prendi l’ombrello!
1- S. Albino
2- S. Quinto
3- S. Cunegonda
4- S. Casimiro
5- Teofilo
6- S. Coletta
7- SS. Perpetua
8- S. Giovanni Di Dio
9- S. Francesca
10- S. Marcarlo
11- S. Costantino
12- S. Luigi
13- S. Patrizia
14- S. Matilde
15- S. Luisa
16- S. Eriberto
17- S. Patrizio
18- S. Cirillo
19- S. Giuseppe
20- S. Venceslao
21- S. Nicola
22- S. Benvenuto
23- S. Turibio
24- S. Alexandro
25- Annunciazione
26- S. Emanuele
27- S. Ruperto
28- S. Gontrano
29- S. Secondo
30- S. Giovanni
31- S. Beniamino
        March             Marzo              Mars
                            Average temp                Rain/Snow (mm)        Light hours per day                        Sunrise/sunset
                                16,9 °C                                  35,8                              13 hours                                6.25/ 18.14