Weather words
Nebbioso        foggy                  oklar
Castagna         chestnut              kastanj
Fungo             mushroom           svamp
Crisantemo     chrysanthemum   krjsantemum
Vino                wine                    vin
Weather: the weather is neither cold nor warm. The temperature is never below the zero and it never  exceed 20° C , but it is quite foggy.  
Month Dominated by the sign of  Sagittarius (23/11 21/12), sign of fire, in ancient times it was also called
Mercedinus because it  was the month of salary to the peasants. It is the month  of  falling leaves.  Its flower is Chrysanthemum, that in western countries is the flower of the dead but it  isn’t so in China and Japan ,where the most important  Japanese dignity is the Order of Chrysanthemum. Who takes care of this flower grows old very late because his looking confers positive energies. It  is the month of the last works, of the new plantations in the orchard and in the vineyard, of the preparation of the soil for the new cultivations. It’s  time to reinforce the vegetables, to seed the spinaches,  fertilize the soil and do the first disinfestations. It’s the best month to set the rosebush and the most important for vinification and fermentation of the wine.
For All the Saints’day, long sleeves and gloves
Sain’s Martin summer is long from morning to night
On  S:Martin,  winter is near.
If is good on All  Saints’ day, we will go working fields all the year
1- Tutti i Santi
2- I  defunti
3- S. Martino
4- S. Carlo
5- B. Guido
6- S. Leonardo
7- S. Baldo
8- S. Goffredo
9- Ded. della Bas.
10- S. Leone
11- S. Martino
12- S. Giosafat
13- S. Omobono
14- S. Stefano
15- S. Alberto
16- S. Margherita
17- S. Elisabetta
18- Ded. Bas. Dei SS. Pietro - Paolo
19- S. Fausto
20- S. Ottavio
21- Presentazione B.V.M.
22- S. Cecilia
23- S. Clemente I
24- S. Firmina
25- S. Caterina
26- Cristo Re
27- B.V. Maria della M.M.
28- S. Caterina
29- S. Saturnino
30- S. Andrea
            November   Novembre  November
                                        Average temp        Rain/Snow (mm)                Light hours per day                    Sunrise/sunset
                                            12.5 °C                           40,8                                   9.30 hours                                 7.00/ 16.49